We promote and advocate for people with hidden disabilities in the work place. We run events and hire neuro-divergent project leaders to help promote their businesses and to give them a chance to expand their options.

We aim to provide a safe and understanding support network. We have also been working with Northumbria University Business Clinic to research the barriers to employment and how to reduce them. We are currently turning this research into a national documentary to help employers understand better.

We want to promote the hiring and long term employment of neuro divergent people into businesses or help them start their own self employment. Using funding like this helps us raise the profile of the benefits of hiring people with hidden disabilities into the workforce.

We also plan on working with independent companies to take people on via giving talks on inclusion and acceptance of the disabilities, as well as helping the company in the initial transition of taking someone on.

Atypical Social Group

Rowlands Gill Library

1-2 Norman Road

NE39 1JT

We have been working to create a social group open to adults that are autistic and neuro divergent.

We will be hold the sessions at Rowlands Gill Library from 12:30-2:30 on the first Friday of the month.

If you would like to come along please feel free too. If you have any questions message us first. admin@atypicalcic.org

Atypical Employment


Autism in the Workplace

Bradburn Films and Atypical Support CIC are producing a new documentary about the barriers to employment for autistic people. This National lottery-funded project will focus on the positives that autistic people bring to the workplace.

We would like to showcase examples of successful relationships between organisations and their neuro-divergent employees. This will involve a couple of days of fly-on-the-wall filming and interviews in the workplace.

The final documentary will be distributed to film festivals worldwide, to local authorities and also to employers - with the aim of encouraging people to think differently about

neuro-diversity in the workplace. and to help break down barriers to employment.

We are looking for employers who want to be part of this inspiring project. This is your opportunity to share the good work you are doing and help us to change attitudes! 

Documentary Promos